Friday, October 16, 2009

Did uninstalling SolidWorks delete half my hard drive?

I recently had to re-install SolidWorks 2009 on my laptop. During the uninstall process I noticed that several of my programs in the "C:\Program Files" folder went missing. Now I am not the one to start pointing fingers just yet, but this episode completely freaked me out. I had SolidWorks installed under "C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp" so would be more than surprised if this was in fact an error on the part of the SolidWorks uninstaller, but at the time of uninstallation, my laptop was not being used and no other "application window" was open. I also rarely log on with administrative privileges on either my XP or Vista laptop, so pretty low chance I accidentally deleted these folders myself (if I was that insane). I also did the usual checks for viruses, spyware and other junk, in vain.

Oh well! That's life I guess.

But during the reinstallation process I realized a quirk in the SolidWorks installation. Does it make sense to put header files required for SolidWorks Add-in development under the "samples" directory? Well that's what SolidWorks has done. So if you are developing SolidWorks add-ins, don't forget to select the "Examples" option in the SolidWorks Installation Manager, during the installation. Else you will not have the headers (e.g. "amapp.h") that you need for VC++ Add-in development.


  1. uninstalling some software may cause to delete some component and occupies space of your hard drive.

  2. Thanks "Shopping Cart" (is that really the name you intended?) for your comment. If I understood you right, I believe you are saying that uninstalling some software may delete some components - but in my case nearly 30 GB of data disappeared, which is definitely unusual for any software uninstallation.

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