Thursday, July 02, 2009

New Google Code project to accompany this blog

Thanks to all of you who have downloaded the various zips from my blog. I was using to store and share my files. While was sufficient, it was getting difficult to track usage and download rate, since I was only using the free version.

To solve that problem and to find a simpler method to share my code, using a source code repository I have created a Google Code project. You can find my project at I have added an introduction and some Wiki pages and some files for download.

The following files are available for download:

  3. -If you wondering what this is, then you have two options - wait for my blog post detailing how to use CEEFIT with SolidWorks API to run IntegratedTests - or - you could download and start working with the source code right away.
The following Wiki pages are also available (but mostly duplicating content originally posted on this blog)
The biggest advantage of this for users is that you could download/browse my source code directly from SVN from  For me the biggest advantage is the ability to track usage using Google Analytics.

Comments/suggestions most welcome.

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