Thursday, November 04, 2010

New license for my SWXBATCH_CEEFIT project

Have you heard that the CeeFIT website is back up and running? Well it came back up a few months ago. Thank Heavens.

But the author kindly pointed out to me that I was not complying with the original license of the CeeFIT website, i.e. the "GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2" as mentioned here. So to comply I had to change the license of one my projects, specifically the SWXBATCH_CEEFIT. Unfortunately Google Code (where I host the source code of my projects) doesn't allow me to specify different licenses for individual projects. So I had to change the license associated with all my projects to the GPL v2, though this only really affects the SWXBATCH_CEEFIT project. I have added a note on the home page to inform of the changes, but am hoping repeating this information on my blog will help clarify the issue.

As for my other projects, you are free to do what you want with it since I have not attached any license to the projects themselves.


The SWXBATCH_CEEFIT is primarily intended as a test framework. If you use it as intended and don't distribute your test framework to your clients (i.e. you only use the test framework in house) then the license change from 'New BSD' to 'GPL' doesn't affect you. If you are unable to comply with this requirement, I am afraid I can't help, since the GPL is viral in that way.

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