Thursday, September 18, 2008

License needed to run my Pro/Toolkit add-ins

I received a comment on an older post of mine HOWTO: Example Pro/Toolkit Application using Visual Studio 2005 from Hans who mentioned that he was unable to run my Pro/Toolkit add-in that was attached with that post. (For convenience the following is the same attachment)

The specific error he received was:

The Pro/TOOLKIT application "ProE_Proj" was not unlocked before distribution to your site.
Please contact the provider of "ProE_Proj" for assistance.
This error is the result of a lack of a Pro/Toolkit license on the PC on which you are deploying my add-in.

Reason for Error
I intended this blog for developers of Pro/Toolkit, SolidWorks and other CAD API applications. So the assumption I make is the availability of the required developer license on the PC where these applications are to be developed. The Visual Studio project and source code that I post are not intended for deployment on end-user PC. I do not pay for a Pro/Engineer or Pro/Toolkit license myself. So do not have the rights to distribute the binary executable code (either DLL or EXE). In order to use my add-ins on an end-user PC you will need to have a Pro/Toolkit or SolidWorks license, as applicable.

 To deploy a Pro/Toolkit add-in (e.g. to deploy my ProE_Proj on a PC without Pro/Toolkit license) follow these steps:
  • From a development workstation which has Pro/Toolkit license execute the following command:
C:\Program Files\proeWildfire 3.0\i486_nt\obj\protk_unlock.exe 'one or more pro/toolkit dll or exe names '
  • Once unlocked you can deploy the add-in to end-user PC without them needing Pro/Toolkit license on their PC. To learn how to write installers to deploy your add-in, refer to my last post Pro/Toolkit Add-in registration.
Still problems?
If you are still having problems with development or deployment of the Pro/Toolkit add-in, then post a comment and I will respond with a solution if I have one.


  1. Hello,Ganeshram
    Thank you for your posts first ,it's very useful.
    There is no Pro/Toolkit license in my PC , too , just as Hans. I want to know how to execute the command:
    C:\Program Files\proeWildfire 3.0\i486_nt\obj\protk_unlock.exe
    just doubleclick the .exe file or what ? sorry I don't quite understand.

  2. Hey tony,
    Thanks for your comment. To answer your question, I refer you to a blog post by a colleague (Amar Junankar) of mine.
    Hope this answers any questions you have about protk_unlock.

  3. Okay , I got it ,thanks, Ganeshram

  4. No problem tony. Hopefully that article was useful